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Billboards & Wallscapes

Billboard and Wallscape advertising is an awe inspiring medium primarily because of the scale with which they are displayed and the imposing locations they are placed at. Whether promoting new or existing products or personalities, both local and national companies know by dominating the medium and moving the message closer to the customers purchase decision, billboards work. They are traditional outdoor media formats that make a powerful statement and have great return on investment due to their large size and stunning visibility.

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WOWSOME APP is an Augmented Reality application connecting conventional print media to the unlimited possibilities of digital media where you can engage with your customers in real time. It is designed to work with prints that are enabled by the app. WOWSOME APP content is published in posters, magazines, newspapers, product packaging, billboards and any surface with a printed form or pattern. WOWSOME APP enabled content can be identified by “see more” sign on the print. Visit http://wowsomeapp.com to know more.

Auto Passenger Ads

To provide safety and security to passengers travelling in autos, the city Traffic Police department is making it mandatory to display information of the owner’s name, vehicle number, mobile number, and a police contact number for lodging any complaints. The laminated information card will be displayed at the back of the driver’s seat, the ideal place which can be easily seen by passengers travelling in the auto, making it the perfect advertising platform. Auto Rickshaw advertising is a great opportunity to show your involvement in the corporate social responsibility movement. The information card will not only carry your advertisement but also highlighted text letting your future customers know the card has been sponsored by you. Improve your brand image by letting your customers know you care for their safety and wellbeing.